An HIV-Positive Gay Man Getting Married Reflects on Marriage Equality

Associate Editor

On Aug. 9, 2013, Daniel Leyva of the Latino Commission on AIDS married his partner of 10 years, John Hatchett. Both are long-term survivors of HIV. Having seen the toll the HIV epidemic has taken on many long-term couples -- disapproving families, eviction notices, legal problems, immigration issues -- Leyva wrote a blog for the Center for Hispanic Health Equity just before getting married that detailed exactly why marriage equality is a big deal for those living with HIV.

Leyva wrote:

I consider marriage equality a huge success for many couples dealing with HIV and other conditions. Thanks to marriage equality, more people will be able to access health care through their spouses. Thanks to marriage equality, more couples will be relived of the stress caused by the possibility of separation and will be able to live their lives with hope, rather than fear. Thanks to marriage equality, I can even think about death in a different way, because I know that even then, we will have a better scenario than those who left before us.

To read more about his views on HIV and marriage equality, head over to the Center for Hispanic Health Equity's blog. And, congratulations, Daniel!

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