Here I am, Once again


Hi Dr Frascino I am asking you same question second time after app. three months. Without your response only I and my God knows how have I been living. I am a guy who is very week from heart and honest and do not take very chances in life. Here is my story and I hope you will spare some time for me. I am 29 yrs old guy in Vancouver B.C. At the age of 29 I am still confused about my sexuality. I met a guy back in early August this year and we were engaged in mutual masterbation. There was no oral,anal sex except once incident that he licked on my penis twice and I opposed. I remember not touching his precum. And he did not cum but I did. Since I materbated. Then Two weeks later I was with another guy and we were engaged in mutual masterbation and there was absolutely no oral or anal sex but during masterbation we may have touched each other's precum. Again I did cum but he did not. I played little bit around their necks. On very next day after my second encounter I started worrying and 7 days after second encounter I had sore throat, dry mouth, burning on my feet and hands, white tongue. I took antibiotics( Biaxin ) for sore throat but I guess my fear did not let the medicine work and during this time my fear was absolutely driving me crazy. I believe no one would have ever gone through so much fear. I decided to go for blood test and since in Canada it takes three week to get the report, I could not wait for three weeks my fear made me to drive to U.S.A. I drove to Seattle and gave blood for test. My blood test in U.S was done at 5 wks time from my first encounter and 20 days count from my second encunter. Luckily my both reports came back negative. The day I received my result from U.S, I was thinking about you all night long. But because I was worried about the window period I was still worried and still had sore throat. Hiv advisor in U.S told me that my risk is almost non-existent. My family doctor did not even recommend blood test.Since my sore throat was giving me trouble, my fear again made me to drive to U.S and advisor suggested me to accept that I am negative and he did not recommend 3 months test( considering my case). During this period I did not have any other symptom except little burning, sore throat and white tongue. After 2 and half months I still have sore throat and white tongue. In my throat the bridge in back portion of mouth is red. Last night I went to the same place where I met second guy to ask him about his HIV status and he told me that he does not have desease. After having few drinks together he offerd me to give me blow job but I refused and we went into my car and he masterbated for me. I did not touch his penis. He did not get his thing big so no question of pre-cum or cum. I played around his neck little bit and he mastebated for me and made me cum.On very next day again I started worrying and I believe because of anxiety I started feeling burning on my feet and hands again.You must be tinking how stupid this guy is?As I am asking this myself. If I think reationally my risk is from minimum to non-existent. But my fear is just not going away. I want to believe that I do not have desease. I am seeing a councellor for this too but nothing seems to be working. You were my first hope so I asked you first and after going through such hard time and talking to so many people I am asking you again because you are my final hope to convince me that I am OK. Please advise me and address my issues.I am sure You can understand emotionally and intellectually. Dr.Frascino, a month ago I read story of an asian girl who is positive and can not afford medicine. She was sexually abused when child and her boyfriend disappeared after giving her desease. I would like to financially support her. Please give her my e-mail id. I am ready even to ship medicines from here. I will definitly donate money for your organisation.Do not think this as a bribe to answer my question. I request all the folks to come forward for charity. Please reply. Sincerely, Semi G.


Hello Semi G.,

I absolutely agree with the advice you received from the testing center. Your HIV risk was nonexistent. HIV testing is not warranted. And you are HIV negative. In this brief written response, I don't know if there is anything I can say to encourage you to actually accept and believe this good news. Consequently, I'm pleased that you are seeing a counselor. Hopefully he/she will help you confront your irrational fears concerning HIV infection and also address your sexual identity issues. These issues may be linked.

Thank you for your willingness to help others. Donations to the Foundation are urgently needed and warmly appreciated. ( Regarding your inquiry about another questioner, I am not at liberty to provide private email addresses. However, your desire to help others is indeed praiseworthy.

Stay well.

Dr. Bob