Already been WooHooed!


Hello Dr. Bob,

I have posted here before. I am the President of the East Coast Muff Diving Team. I wanted to know at what time do you reconsider the WooHoo? The reason I am asking is because I have tested negative on all antibody test to date (7 months). I am still having headache, runny stools, body aches, sore throat, tingly feet, white tongue (lasting for 6 months) and my wife has had bacterial vaginosis appox 1 month after exposure, and 2 wide spread shingle attacks. The last attack in the last week or two. We were very healthy people prior to this. What else can it be? All of my personal Dr's seem unconcerned. Is it time to try a PCR test or any other form of test? I had accepted the negative results until the recent OB my wife has experienced. She refuses to get tested and my anxiety level has increased. I want to do the right thing. Please tell me what to do!


Hello East Coast Muff Diving Team President,

Generally speaking, a negative FDA-approved HIV-antibody test taken outside the window period (defined as the first three months after HIV primary infection) is considered definitive and conclusive. Certainly your antibody tests out to seven months would qualify even under the most conservative guidelines (six months). Whatever is causing your symptoms, one thing is absolutely certain: It's not HIV. As for "what else can it be," unfortunately I cannot diagnose medical conditions over the Internet without the benefit of a medical record, a thorough medical history, a review of laboratory tests and a complete physical examination. However, what I can do with great certainty is advise you that HIV is not your problem. No way. No how. No additional HIV tests are warranted, particularly not an HIV PCR! I'm not saying your symptoms are not real. Rather, I'm just reassuring you that the cause of those symptoms is not HIV. If your "doctors" have done a thorough evaluation and are not concerned and cannot isolate a physical cause for your symptoms, I would suggest you be evaluated for psychosomatic illness. Anxiety, guilt and fear can cause many of the symptoms you mention.

As for your wife, is she aware of your "Presidency?" Why has she refused to be tested? Have you leveled with her about your activities and fears? Any chance she could be a Madame President of her own secret sex club? Please note the vast majority of cases of bacterial vaginosis and shingles have absolutely nothing to do with HIV. I will admit two bouts of shingles is somewhat rare, particularly if by "wide spread" you mean the rash was extensive and not limited to one dermatome (specific area of the skin innervated by a single nerve root). If that is the case I would proceed with a more detailed evaluation of possible immune suppression or deficiency. This doesn't necessarily mean HIV is the only potential cause! Did the doctor who treated her shingles and bacterial vaginosis recommend any additional evaluation?

As for telling you what to do and your doing the right thing, I would recommend you level with your wife regarding your activities and fears. In addition check with her doctor to see if additional evaluation is warranted. And once again, I do not recommend you get an HIV PCR test.

Good luck to you both.

Dr. Bob

East coast boy needs your help! Dec 19, 2008

Hey Doc! I hope you are doing well. I have written before with no reply, I am hoping today will be different.

I had an episode of muff diving on July 13th this year. I also did some teasing by rubbing my member over the clit unprotected. I never had intercourse though. I had some issues with urinating 30 days later and the urologist put me on anti-biotics for 30 days. It turns out I was tested for hsv2 and was positive. I have never had any blisters but just discomfort thus far. I also find out after three months of sickness that I test positive for mononucleosis. ( I thought I was going to die!) I have been terrified of the possibility of having HIV as well. I have no energy to date, soft stools, white tongue that has lasted almost three months, and am breaking out a little more than usual. I have had several hiv tests, mostly home-access and orasure. I had one at a local clinic at 3 months. They did elisa, orasure, and another version that looks for the virus in the blood. All negative. Also tested negative for Hep A,B,C, syphilis, and all other std's. I had my last test at 154 days with a orasure and it was negative. Can I finally rest? I am concerned that the combination of the meds and mono that has wiped out my system has left me in a state of no detection. I also have wondered the possibility of the mono causing a false positive for the hsv2. I am ready to believe the test just need a little push. If it weren't for all the symptoms, I would be woo-hooing already.

I hope you can find the time to give me a little info on what to do now. I am a big fan and value what you are doing for alot of troubled people.


East Coast Muff Diving Team.

Response from Dr. Frascino

Hello East Coast Muff Diver,

Your repeatedly negative HIV tests out to 154 days are definitive and conclusive. HIV is not your problem. No way. No how. Your medications and mono would not alter the accuracy of your negative HIV tests. Mononucleosis would not cause false-positive HSV-2 tests.

I'd suggest you stop worrying and start WOO-HOOing.

Dr. Bob