am i already full blown AIDS or am i still HIV+


I have already been treated for TB last year and an infection in my left eye ( i think herpes) my CD4 count is 25 and the doctor says my viral load is not too bad. i have to start on ARVs soon. which programme can i get in South Africa


Thanks for your post from RSA.

If your CD4 count is 25 and you have tuberculosis you've met criteria for the AIDS diagnosis. I really don't like the use of "full blown" AIDS- you either do or you don't.

I agree that the time is soon to start HIV medications, though it's important to know if your TB has been successfully treated. If so, you could start right in on HIV meds. There are a number of treatment programs in South Africa- I'm unfortunately not aware of the specifics, though I'm sure that your local AIDS service organization can be of assistant to you.

Best of luck, BY