almost sex with prostitude,got scared of AIDS and run away


hello doc,a few days ago I went to a sex studio(legal in my country),paid the cash,got in the room,sat on the bed with the prostitute.I touched 1-2 times the bed and some external parts (by external parts I meant breasts and back) of the girl's body and then I touched my penis for 2-3 minutes.After that she started licking and sucking my nipple,totally uncalled!

I left in a hurry repeating AIDS AIDS in my head.Any possible infection from the touching and all?Or any other STD possibility?We're talking 5 minutes here...

I suspect the answer is negative but I have extreme OCD episodes these days,I was also thinking about an instance 1,5 year ago where some drug addicts had a syringe horizontally positioned and I was passing by and by seeing it I said "WOW,that was close,and I was checking if I accidentally somehow fall on the needle without realising it but at that time it was a short lived OCD episode.5 minutes max.Now I'm totally fine but along the touching thing and other irrational fears it came back as a possibility...

What do you think?Test for AIDS or help from a Psychiatrist?



So you are wondering if you should get an HIV/AIDS test or go see a psychiatrist. I'd advise you see the shrink; definitely see the shrink. Your fears are totally irrational and completely unwarranted.

No doubt your OCD, which you describe as "extreme," is extremely OOC (out of control)!

I certainly hope you got a refund from your sex studio sweetie as you blasted out the door!

Good luck. Remember, HIV is not your problem; fear of HIV is!

Dr. Bob