Allergic to NSAIDs for cold/flu


Hi. Usually for a common cd or flu doctors prescribe acetaminophen and an anti inflamatory like naproxen or another NSAID. My problem is that I am allergic to all NSAIDs so my doctor prescribed me a corticoid steroid instead (dexsmetasone).

My question is.. this pills warning paper says that people with HIV shouldnt take it. I read somewhere that i can lower your defenses. I am undetectable on Atripla and CD4 of 600 already for 11 months (started on January). Is it risky to take it?



It is generally OK to take a corticosteroid spray for a patients taking Atripla. Oral steroids can have more side effects than inhaled steroids so should generally be used for short periods of time. If the dexamethasone is taken orally the efavirenz in Atripla could decrease its effectiveness by lowering drug levels. KH