Alexander Smith: Bless Your Virus

Alexander Smith
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Alexander Smith is a teacher, licensed clinical social worker, coach, writer, speaker, actor, and artist. Living with HIV since 2003, he was diagnosed on St. Patrick's Day, and views that "lucky" day as the moment he began to live. In June of 2011, he was featured on CNN, commemorating 30 years of HIV/AIDS. Coming Out with his status has shifted the isolation, stigma, discrimination, and judgement that has accompanied his journey with the virus. Through this courageous and necessary action, more love, support, friendship, health, and abundance has graced his life. He is the vision behind Bless Your Virus, a movement and conversation aimed to inform and inspire. Its mission is to: Deconstruct shame, stigma and secrets, spread compassion, courage, connection, kindness and kinship and teach others a mindfulness as they learn to bless their fear, disease, and virus. 4.Speak the C Word (cure).

Alexander is a native of Salt Lake City, Utah, and is currently living in Southern California. He has studied film and theater, earned a bachelor's degree in human development from Brigham Young University, and a master's of social work from the University of Utah. Shortly after his diagnosis he started using crystal meth as a means to feel alive, invincible, and uninfected. Coming In to an awareness of divine self, primarily through meditation and yoga, Alexander has experienced years of sobriety. Alexander is passionate about people, theater, film, food, wine, travel, watercolors, cashmere, coffee, mornings and men. He is a gifted therapist and coach and his practice is primarily based online from the comfort and coziness of your couch (via SKYPE or FACETIME). For more information about Alexander and his work, to view the CNN interview, or read his monthly column, Cashmere Sex. Visit for more information.