Alex, your mexican friend. Mini Woo hooo, but more scared than ever.


Hi doc. I hope that you're fine, and keep doing your wonderfuly work. I really admire to you. (jajaja, i'm 100% hetero, but my girlfriend says that i'm in love with you.)

Well. Now, my worries.

I was a little nervous about my exposure. (brief frottage (30 seg.) my bare penis againist stripper's thonged vagina, in a non-"sanity" strip club)

Well,...i went to the most important laboratory in mexico, "el chopo", and get the hiv antibodies test in 8 weeks. Neg. thanks God.

Well. the trouble and my worry is that, since 2 weeks ago, there's something wrong in my hands. Somethign like fungal infection. I think that it's called tinea manum , or somethign like this.It's like athlet's foot, but in my hands.

I put in my hands a cream. It was a medicine which includes clorotimazol.But since that day to this time(2 weeks), my hands don't look better.Look worst.

I went to see a doctor, and he told's me that it was a dermatosis. And give me some treatment.

I ask him, if could be related to hiv. And he told me..."you are safe, because the hiv it's just psycological, don't exist. So, your anxiety, kill your antibodies and will cause you AIDS."

You can only imagine that i just want to run out from that "doctor".!!!!!!!

Well., now i come with my favorite doctor, to ask.

1.-This dermatosis could be related to HIV infection??

2.-There is a lot people with a 8 week test neg, and 12 week test pos????This constantly happen??

3.-Do you think that my 12 weeks test be neg, to???

4.-what % of people infected aprox., have detectable antibodies in week 8??

Thanks dear doc. Sorry for make you waste your precious time.



Hello Alex,

A doctor told you HIV is "psychological" and "doesn't exist????" And that "anxiety kills antibodies and causes AIDS????" Oh my . . . that guy qualifies more as an imbecile than as a doctor. Don't let a jackass like that scare you. He deserves to have his medical license rescinded for professing sheer nonsense.

To briefly respond to your questions:

  1. No.

  2. No.

  3. Yes.

  4. The vast majority (if they are truly HIV infected).

Now stop worrying!

Oh, and you can tell your girlfriend not to worry either, because, despite your infatuation and sexy Latin appeal, I'm already taken!

Be well, Alex.

Dr. Bob