albuterol inhaler for anal fissure


Hello Dr. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to this website. It is appreciated by all. I have just done research on anal fissures and notice some drs. are using albuterol inhalers for the pain to relax the muscles and spasms. Have you heard of this at all? My main concern is if using it as needed would affect my HIV meds in anyway. Thank you in advance. The pain is excruciating and the nitroglycerin/lidocaine ointment is only good for a short time.


Anal fissures are often very frustrating to manage/heal. I have not observed use of albuterol inhalers in that setting. In general there should not be a problem with most HIV medications with use of albuterol inhalers/topical/local use. If ay reader knows of a reference for use of albuterol inhaler for anal fissure in setting of HIV infection please post. KH