AIDS & No Spleen


I had my spleen removed 2 years ago for thrombocytopinia.. Feb of this year I was diagnosed with AIDS. my current lab stats are t-cells less than 20 viral load 100,000 + does this spleen fact alter the mortality rate for me !

My doctor "whom I think is great" doesn't think so.. I've has thrush 3 times, skin funguses,phnumonia, Severe Depression, sugnificant waitloss 65 pounds in 6 months..

if any one can give me info I'd LOVE YOU ! thanks Mark in Tampa,FL


Removal of the spleen usually results in a significantly higher T-helper cell count. Your count of 20 is perhaps artificially higher due to the splenectomy. It is therefore not surprising that you are having so many clinical difficulties. With a little luck and good treatment/HIV care hopefully your situation will turn around. KH