aids and herbs???????????


I AM CONCERNED ABOUT THE ABOVE WEBPAGE......they sell a product called TAHITIAN NONI Juice. Its supposed to strengthen the immune system of an AIDS patient like myself..........

can AIDS BE CONTROLLED WITH herbs? a short time ago a friend of mine told me about this he also stated that his disease became non-detectable with herbal therapy...........and I need a more info................

I currently have a viral load >750,000copies/ml and a cd4 count of (1


as of Sept. 20, 1999 my current Docter prescribed cocktail is :

norvir 100mg cap 2 capsules twice a day

zerit 40mg cap 1 capsule twice a day

epivir 150mg tablet 1 tablet twice a day

crixivan 400mg cap 2 capsules twice a day

zithromax 600 mg tab 2 tablets once a week

smz-tmp ds 160mg tab 1 tablets three times a week

sustiva 200mg 3 capsules at night at bedtime

I also go to the eye docter for weekly injections to treat my CMV......

Now according to a book byHulda Regehr Clark, PH.D, N.D. "THE CURE FOR HIV AND AIDS" herbs can be used to eliminate the parasites that cause HIV and AIDS.

Black walnut tincture, an alcohol extract of the green hull from the black walnut tree

Wormwood from the Artemesia shrub

Cloves from the clove tree




these herbs as listed in the book are supposed to be able to bring a viral load down and bring a cd4 count up. have you ever heard this b4? are there any documented cases of a non-detecteble Hiv after taking herbs???


Dear Herbs,

I certainly don't know of any controlled studies that show herbs work. You need to be careful about taking herbs that might be toxic. I personally think it is OK to experiment with herbs if you keep your MD informed about what you are taking and work with him or her. Good Luck ! Douglas T. Dieterich, M.D.