Afraid of open wounds


Hello I'm very very very afraid of these diseases.I work in a shop and i am asking whether i could get a disease if i was to handshake a person with open wounds in my hands or touch the money received with my wounds. I'm afraid to also tell people of the risk of getting dieases by open wounds so as not to panic them but i'm afraid that they get contaminated.


I've read your question several times, and it seems that your concern about open wounds is concern about your own open wounds. Is that right? If so, are you getting treatment for whatever medical condition could be causing you to have open wounds?

No handshake or exchange of cash is going to transmit HIV to anyone. Beyond that, I can't tell what diseases worry you. Please get medical care for your hands and ask questions about how you can protect others. You seem to be suffering with a lot of worry about something that may be relatively easy to solve.