Adenoid hyperplasia


Dear doctor Robert After a risky sex encounter with a HIV positive person on October 2009 I underwent lots of tests. My last ELISAs were at 6 months mark (ELISA 4th generation)and 9 months mark (Rapid Test). I even got a ultrassensitive PCR at 157 days mark. All tests negative/indetectable. After having nose obstruction problems (which I had been dealing with since 2 years), a ENT doctor ordered a nasolaringofibroscopy and an adenoid hyperplasia was found besides rhinitis and gastroesophageal reflux signs. I freaked out because I have read that "adenoid hyperplasia and HIV association in adults is striking". This adenoid hyperplasia occupies 30% of the cavum. As an immunologist,do you think this is related to HIV (after all these negative tests)? Indeed, is this adenoid enlargement of any big worry in my case? Is adenoid hyperplasia that rare in adults? Please, I beg for your help because all the joy I had after figuring out I was negative has vanished with this nose issue. I am so sad. Thank you so much.



Your repeatedly negative HIV-antibody tests out to nine months plus your undetectable HIV plasma ultrasensitive PCR RNA test at 157 days are definitive, conclusive, WOO-HOO-able and "move-on-already"-able!!!

Enlarged adenoids are extremely common and the vast, vast, vast majority of cases have absolutely nothing to do with HIV disease. Also, considering you've had nasal obstructive problems since age two, why are you freaking out now? Frevinsakes! I really doubt you were all that sexually active at age two!

Neither worry nor additional HIV testing is warranted.

Dr. Bob