ADAP Advocacy Association Launches Directory

Resources are out there. Use the directory to help you find them. Credit: ADAP Advocacy Association
Resources are out there. Use the directory to help you find them.
ADAP Advocacy Association

Healthcare of this generation is all about giving the patients the power to choose instead of waiting to be assigned. ADAP Advocacy Association launched a brand new ADAP Directory in an effort to help patients get access to information and resources so that they can keep on living healthy, productive lives. Brandon Macsata, CEO of the ADAP Advocacy Association, says this directory gives the patients control. "The ADAP Directory puts patients in the driver's seat by linking them to the relevant information about all 56 ADAPs, as well as useful resources and tools."

The ADAP Directory, designed by New Media Solutions, consolidates useful ADAP-related information from all 50 states and 6 territories into one convenient location. It includes:

A web-based multi-functional framework, including:

  • A robust library of resources on access to comprehensive HIV medical care and drugs;
  • A fully functional interactive map providing ready access to ADAPs nationally;
  • A repository for patient assistance programs, and other needs-based assistance resources.

An extensive list of links to sites providing the latest news and data on ADAPs, including:

  • A fully functional and transparent interactive feature permitting anyone to interact with state HIV/AIDS Agencies and AIDS service organizations on issues of importance to the ADAP community, with expansion capabilities for the development of corresponding state list-serves and contact mechanisms.

The directory received support from AbbVie, Walgreens, and Merck Corporations. Take a peek and then bookmark it on your desktop. Chances are you will return again soon.

The ADAP Directory is available online at