Acute HIV Infection?


I was diagnosed with having Acute HIV infection in December. Which I understand means that HIV had very recently entered my system. My labs were very wacky. Started off with a ViralLoad of 300K plus and CD4 count of 1290. Within week or so my CD4 account dropped down to 800. Then my Jan 6th blood test came back with a CD4 of 553 and the ViralLoad only said 100000+. They are running a different test to get the exact number. Anyhow, I am concerned at how quickly my CD4 count is dropping at this early stage. Should I yet be concerned or is this all a symptom of the Acute infection and will straighten out to some degree?


Your CD4 decline is very consistent with acute HIV infection. All the decline though is within the normal range of CD4 counts (500-1500). It is likely once your immune system reaches equilibrium with the virus that it will settle out some place above 500.