Acute HIV acquisition risk from different factors.


Hey there,

First off I'd like to say what an informative site. A lot of information on here and it has put my mind at ease. I would like to ask a few questions about my Hiv risk. I was tested for Hiv 4 years ago and thankfully the results came back negative, however I am slightly concerned about my risk again. To explain i'll give the circumstances.

1.) Since my test I have only been with a few men, but all performed oral sex on them. I must note I've removed the penis when I noticed the start of pre-cum and spat it out. Although the risk is quite low does it increase with a broken tooth at the back of the mouth? (which would only have been there with 3 guys)

2.) Someone performed oral sex on myself, however at the end of the oral sex I realized he had cut my foreskin with his teeth, with a few tears, from being so ruff. The first thing I did after was put soap and water on my penis to attempt to clean it. Additionally 3 months later I had a a swollen lymph node in my neck (which the doctor said she couldn't feel and wasn't sure if this was a lymph node). May also be interesting to note at this point I spent about 2 months experiencing bad insomnia and smoking to much with university coursework. I spoke to a friend who has stated he is more likely to contract hiv off me if I had it, however this still leaves me extremely concerned.

3.) Over the last year and a half I wasn't with anyone due to paranoia of contracting hiv. Until recently I met this guy from Australia we did have anal sex, but with a condom/lubrication, to avoid too much trauma, and he did not pre-cum very much during oral sex. This was 6 weeks ago. Since then me and my best friend started dating after knowing each other for 2 years and a half and are pretty much falling for each other. However, 3 weeks (after the aussie man sex) I developed 2 large lumps in my neck where the head and neck connect and had a cold, but the cold symptoms went away after roughly 4 days. The glands or lumps which i've heard can swell with a cold have not disappeared, but are shrinking steadily. I am not sure if this is too do with the broken tooth as the left side gland/lump in question was extremely painful on the side where the broken tooth is, but the other side did swell where there is a known cavity. This also caused a bit of a headache, but I am prone to migraines. As these lumps/glands are now in their 3rd week of being enlarged, but smaller than before. Could that mean I have possible acute symptoms of Hiv or am I being overly paranoid? Another thought that did pop into my head as several times before after kissing someone else I did develop a sore throat. Now I am kissing someone frequently (which to be honest is rather new to be doing that every day effectively) could that cause these glands to swell as I am not used to kissing that much? Another factor is that over this time I have been focusing on university work for exams and smoking heavily again. I am not sure if that would be a contributing factor to these glands.

I will be honest I am continual paranoid about contract hiv and I am ware the only way to know for sure is to get tested, however the last time I went for a test I had an extreme panic attack and made myself very ill worrying.

I do want to go and will go again for the sake of my best friend/and new found partner, but it would help for some logical and deductive reasoning as to wither the test is Necessarily indicated, although I will be going. It may also be good to note I did not have any fevers and from what I can tell no rash on my body to be seen. Although I was using a hair removal cream on my back which I noticed broke out with some red bumps, which have disappeared.

I would greatly appreciate it if someone could respond. I will donate.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I am sorry for my paranoia.


Hi Great questions:

  1. Oral sex carries the lowest risk of HIV transmission. A broken tooth is not an increased risk. If you had active bleeding or open sores then it would increase your chance.
  2. I agree with our friend, again oral sex carries the lowest risk.
  3. You are correct the only way to truly know your status is to get tested and I'm glad to hear that both you and your partner are getting tested. From what you have described your risk of contracting HIV is very small.

Be well and stay safe, Shannon