The actually difficulty of contracting the HIV virus!


I ready when doctor Wohl mentioned in a reply that the virus was not really such an easy one to catch that you need a large amount of inoculum to be placed in the receptive environment ( vagina, anus or blood stream to even be given a chance that infection will occur and even under these circumstances it usually does not. I had a brief encounter as a bottom with a condom not to ejaculation. I then proceeded a the top until climx with a condom. This was my first encounter and I am now worried sick that I could have caught something. Obviously the excitement from my first M/M encounter had the better of me!!


While reading your post, I was waiting for you to conclude that despite this protected encounter and may statement, you became infected, but, fortunately, that was not the case.

You practiced safe sex. I think you are safe. People who use condoms like you did do not get HIV infected. DW