Activism 2.0: Tried and True + New

To save the California ADAP, Project Inform worked with local and state HIV advocacy partners to place pressure on Governor Schwarzenegger and the Legislature to avoid a crisis that could lead to thousands of people losing access to lifesaving drugs. Using Project Inform's Facebook presence, we organized a large attendance and big media presence at our Save California's ADAP press conference on the steps of City Hall in San Francisco at the end of November.

In the weeks after the press conference, using the internet activism platform of, we secured many signatures on a petition demanding full funding of ADAP. And for Californians signing onto the petition, the website generated emails to the Governor's office, increasing the pressure even more!

Using re-ignited activism from successful earlier campaigns with reinvigorated Web 2.0 activism, Project Inform's constituents were successful! We pressured Governor Schwarzenegger to provide a $97 million increase for ADAP. The pay off: people living with HIV in California will continue to receive their lifesaving medicines.

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