accurancy of 8 week


hi, expert. im going to take a hiv test tomorrow i have 8 week.

my incident was, that somebody inyected me and poked me with a neddle while i was sleeping , next day i just saw y my arm the red dot because of my blood and the injury.

ok, if it came out negative tomorrow as a first test at 8 week. do you think it can change, in the other 4 week? i just cant even sleep, thinking in the hiv please help me with this, cuz i dont want kill that guy who poked me or inyected me with that while i was sleeping.


Hi The guidelines for HIV testing are to be initially tested at 3 weeks then again at 3 months, if both of these tests are negative then so are you, as long as there were no other types of exposure during that 3 month period, if so then the timing starts over again. So yes I believe you need to continue the testing course. This is called the window period and someone could have HIV and it not be detected yet because the test is checking for you body building antibodies against HIV and it takes everyone a different amount of time to build those antibodies, anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months.

Get the last test at the 3 month mark and you will know for sure at that point.

Be well, Shannon