Accuracy of Test results after 85 and 90 days


Hi my question is about accuracy of my test results. I got tested twice lately: 1- At 85 days after exposure ( 12 weeks), with a standard antibody test ( I had to get back to the clinic to get results after 1-2 weeks). 2- At 90 days after exposure (just 1 day shy of 13 weeks), with a 'rapid on-site test' at a clinic ( I got my finger pinched and got the result a few minutes after).

both were negative.

You think I can trust these results?

My concern is because I took the regular antibody test at 85 days (instead of the exactly 90 days mark)...that is who I took the rapid one at 90 days, but can the accuracy of this rapid one be trusted?

thanks in advance for your response !



Your negative HIV-antibody tests at 85 and 90 days are definitive and conclusive. Yes, you can trust the results.


Dr. Bob