Accidentally Swallowed Cum of An HIV+


Hello Dr.

Recently I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend. He got himself tested for HIV with ELISA at first and it showed reactive but I was optimistic that it could be false positive because he looked very fine, no symptoms. So I continued having unprotected sex with him including anal and fellatio while waiting for his Western Blot test.

The thing is, last week, I gave him head and I swallowed his cum directly to my throat from his penis. I didn't gargle or whatsoever with it and unfortunately, his Western Blot test showed that he's positive but there were no viral load mentioned in the result.

Now I'm feeling uber anxious about my status. I don't know whether I'm seroconverting now or positive or what. I feel kind of disturbed, depressed with this and it sometimes affects my emotions when I'm with him.



Your boyfriend tested ELISA reactive (positive) and you decided to continue having unprotected oral and anal sex with him while waiting for his Western Blot (WB), because he looked fine and had no symptoms??? YIKES! Now his WB has returned confirming he is HIV positive and you are feeling "uber anxious"??? Your worries are justified. Your decision to have unprotected sex has placed you at risk for HIV. That your boyfriend has only recently been diagnosed and therefore is not on antiretroviral therapy could indicate that his HIV plasma viral load is significantly elevated. This would increase the risk of HIV transmission. Your boyfriend needs to see an HIV specialist physician for further evaluation. I would suggest you go with him, talk to the HIV specialist and explain your risk. Chances are he will arrange for appropriate HIV testing (out to six months) and evaluation of any significant symptoms that may arise during the interim. Alternatively, he may refer you to a general medical doctor for follow-up. Either way close follow-up is warranted. I'd also suggest you and your boyfriend review the wealth of information in the archives of this forum. We have entire chapters devoted to magnetic couples, HIV sexual transmission, HIV sexual prevention, safer sex techniques, etc.

Good luck to you both.

Dr. Bob