accept my a kiss on you forehead not on the "lip"


Would you please stop I want to get off accept my a kiss on you forehead not on the "lip"

I have been an avid reader for your site and other respected sites that tell the truth and the hands on experience away from theorization. Long story short, I had a brief vaginal intercourse with a girl (I am a goes without saying :) ever since that event took place I have been worried all the time I tested at the end of 6,8,12,14,22 weeks and all came back negative (thank god)do u think this is enough to turn a new leaf in my life and worry about more realistic thingsthanks I am very handsome and strong so reply, please :)



You think I should answer just because you're "very handsome and strong???" Hmmm . . . OK, but that kiss is not going on my forehead buddy.

Your repeated (and excessive) negative HIV tests out to 22 weeks are definitive and conclusive. HIV is not your problem. No way. No how. Now stop worrying, yell WOO-HOO and get your "very handsome and strong" self over here and plant one on me. I'm waiting . . . .


Dr. Bob