abnormal liver functions test,hep.A,B,and C negative ,What else could be the cause ?


I feel uncomfort in my liver area .the blood test showing high : ALK PHOS :148 u/l(30 -120) GGTP : 192 u/l (< 51) AST : 78 u/l (< 41) ALT : 197 u/l (<51) I was then tested for hep.A,B,and C -The results were negative.Few days before the liver functions blood test I had a high temprature (41)for two days with no symptoms of flu or any other infection.I don't drink alcohol and been very healthy all my life.What could be the cause ?please answer. I am 38 years old man ,married ,one child. Thank You. , Alexander.


Your blood tests suggest that you have some inflamatory process in the liver .If your hepatitis tests are negative, you need to discuss with your doctor if some need to be repeated later on.For example you may have HCV, but still to have undetectable antibody.There are many other viruses tha can elevate hepatic transaminases for a limited period of time.Drugs for other medical problems you may have can also be the cause.Also ,primary hepatic diseases as PBC,autoinmmune hepatitis,Wilsons have to be excluded.Your doctor should run the appropiate tests,and follow you.If the tests are all negative ,and you still have abnormalities after 16 weeks,a diagnostic liver biopsy may be considered.