My friend who is HIV positive(CD4 count 81 2months back). Now she is diagnosed with abdominal TB and is on treatment for that.

She is at home not at hospital. Is that a risk for people who take care of her? Do you think hospital care would be better? Also Is there a good chance of her getting through this? She is from India.


Thanks for your post from India.

Provided that your friend does not have active pulmonary (lung) tuberculosis, she is a no risk to her care provider.

Hospital care is not required for such patients, though PCP prophylaxis with trimethoprim/sulfa (Cotrimoxaxole, Bactrim, Septra) is essential for TB/HIV coinfected persons. After she is stablized on her TB medications, HIV medications should be initiated.

She is quite ill with "disseminated" TB and very low CD4 count, but if she tolerates both TB and HIV medications, her prognosis should be very good.

Let us know how she progresses-- Best of health to you and your friend.