A Timeline of Women Living With HIV: Past, Present and Future -- 1992

1992. Mary Fisher addresses the Republican National Convention as a person living with AIDS and stated "I don't know what kind of reception my speech received. It was like an out-of-body experience. People told me afterwards that the room got completely silent while I spoke, which is unheard of at a convention. Afterwards, President Bush said I'd done a wonderful thing." Elizabeth Glaser gives a speech to the U.S. Democratic National Convention as a person living with AIDS.

A full page ad in The New York Times reads "Women Don't Get AIDS. They Just Die From It." Over 300 grass-roots groups signed the ad. The CDC expands the definition of AIDS to include: bacterial pneumonia, TB and stage III cervical cancer. Recurrent vaginal candidiasis (yeast infections) was also added as a symptom of HIV. This is a victory for women living with HIV. AIDS Survival Project creates the first support group for women living with HIV in Atlanta. Three women attend the first group.