A Series Without Shame: Episodes and Interviews From HIV-Focused Telenovela Sin Vergüenza

Hilda Sandoval and Natalie Sanchez
JM Longoria III
Patrick Maus) Joanna Zanella (Credit: Ernesto Olivares

Family secrets ... betrayed trust ... condom usage?

The classic, persistent themes of Spanish-language soap operas, also known as telenovelas, get a refreshing, enthralling update in Sin Vergüenza (Without Shame), the new telenovela that is taking the Internet by storm. Presented in English as well as Spanish, and imagined and realized by California's vast AltaMed health care network, the aim of the show is to "educate without being educational." The project is a unique endeavor -- it combines a fresh narrative format with the ability to tackle real-world issues such as HIV, stigma, lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender (LGBT) issues, family issues, infidelity, shame, aging, dating and more.

Acting Without Shame: HIV-Focused Bilingual Telenovela Informs and Entertains
Two of the actors from Sin Vergüenza, JM Longoria III, who plays gay son Enrique Salazar, and Joanna Zanella, who plays doting daughter Christina Salazar, spoke to TheBody.com about their experiences as part of this unique project. Both are performances not to be missed, and in this interview they discuss the honor of spreading HIV awareness through this project, why timing is essential and what they took away from playing Latinos who are dealing with issues of sexuality, condom usage, HIV and family secrets.

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Directing Without Shame: Bringing HIV-Focused Telenovela Sin Vergüenza to Life
In the second interview of this four-part series, Paco Farias, director of Sin Vergüenza, speaks about his history and admiration of telenovelas. Farias knew he wanted to pay homage to the format while updating it for a modern audience. Here, he talks about the lengths to which the actors went to perform scenes in English and Spanish; the privilege of being a Latino director taking the helm of this unique project; and his favorite scenes to shoot throughout the process.

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Creating Without Shame: Care Providers Turn Real-Life Stories Into an HIV-Focused Telenovela
In Part Three of this series of interviews, Sin Vergüenza's creators, Natalie Sanchez (HIV prevention program manager) and Hilda Sandoval (HIV psychosocial unit program manager) of AltaMed, talked with TheBody.com about every aspect of the process of creating this hard-hitting series. They discuss how they planned to make the series accessible for people of all backgrounds, and what it was like to try on the shoes of TV producers for six months.

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Let's Talk About Sexo: Family and Sexual Politics in Online HIV Prevention Education
Families can be hotbeds of secrecy, deception and "sins of omission." Any different, and they wouldn't be families. Sin Verguuml;enza takes the age-old trope of family secrets and injects it with another complication: HIV,” Mathew Rodriguez writes in this recap and analysis of online telenovela Sin Verguenza.