A Poem by Geno Pensanti

The Foreverness of Now

The silence of night surrounds memories
reaching out from dark corners,
where locked away they are kept from light,
longing to be thought so they might survive.

Swept there so death might come upon them in time,
they struggle to live in the light of now,
as the dark of forgetfulness flows down,
smothering the memory of yesterday's life.

I move in silence hearing no spoken word.
Conversations never ending are listened to unceasingly.
Calling whispers from haunting memories
plead to be heard and live a moment longer.

In the attic of my mind I walk the center isle,
turning from their cries pulling at my soul.
I dare not embrace their call,
for fear of being swallowed by their need.

Beams of light dancing on the ancient floor
lead me toward the threshold,
where I long to hear the sweet song of life
being sung in the warmth of the other side.

Promises pleading while memories beckon,
light leading me from whispers calling.
Step by step through the mire of darkness,
one inch at a time in the foreverness of now.

Knowing in my center soul
that Goodness is the hero
that leads me through the sightless time of today,
toward the dancing light
softly whispering, soon
... soon.