My Letter to HIV: A Letter From Zandi Mdlalose

Dear HIV,

You invited yourself into my life. Were you happy making me sad? Did you enjoy seeing me worry about my health? Did you enjoy seeing the uncertainty that showed itself in my partner's eyes? NEWSFLASH!!! YOU ARE NOT IN CONTROL of any aspect of my life. I may drag you to the grocery shop, to the doctor, to a picnic with my partner, but that's only to show you that I AM MOVING FORWARD. Yes HIV stare at me when I take my pills, and realize that I'm taking away the little power you have left! Stare at me when I use condoms to protect my partner. Cower in shame when he loves me more each day.

I hope you realize that you picked this battle that you are LOSING.

I will not hang my head in shame, but I recommend you do.

Just in case you forget who I am, let me remind you. I AM THE VICTORIOUS ZANDI.

Zandi Mdlalose