My Letter to HIV: A Letter From Lawrence Price


My name is Lawrence Price and even though I am HIV negative I still greatly despise you! You have been the reason for the deaths of a good number of friends of mine. You are in the monster that a dear friend and church member of mine is enduring and battling. Saying that I want you gone is an understatement! You seriously need to go back to the Pit of Hell from which you came, because you are seriously nothing more than an attack from the devil himself. Yes, both HIV negative people and HIV positive people need to take care of themselves and prevent themselves from catching the virus or getting worse. Yet still, you have wrecked and ruined more lives than necessary. Now that I have put you in your place, I want to speak to my brothers and sisters who are HIV positive. Even though I don't know personally how you feel or what you are going through day-to-day, I still sympathize with you and am praying for you. It is both my humble prayer and wish that you will be able to maintain as healthy of a life as possible. I am here for all of you, if you ever just want to get some encouraging words or just vent your pains and/or frustrations.

Lawrence Price