My Letter to HIV: A Letter From Bonetta Spratley

Bonetta Spratley
Bonetta Spratley

Dear HIV,

Who would have thought that after 23 years I would even have words for you and would actually be able to effectively write out my feelings and be able to relay them to you openly! I'm sure you didn't; HA! You had plans to kill me in hopes that I wouldn't be here! Well guess what its 2012 and "I'M STILL HERE" and I have 2 lovely daughters 12 & 15 you couldn't infect through me! You didn't stop that! I'm also on my 2nd Sero-Discordant Marriage! You didn't stop that! I can admit that you have changed many things in my life most of which is turning out not so bad. You actually set out and thought you could destroy me but in some strange way you have given me life and now I'm giving that life to others. Looks like I'm turning your venom back on you HIV, by telling others about your devious plan and that you don't discriminate! Yep, my mission is to "Reduce Stigma, Increase Community Awareness and to Beat The ODDS"! So HIV ... Have I Victory! Because at this point you DO NOT!

We're Bold, We're Daring, We're Optimistic Coming Against Stigma, Increasing Community Awareness & Beating The ODDS! We Are Greater Than AIDS! Living Our Life OUT LOUD!

Bonetta Spratley (formerly Graves)