My Letter to HIV: A Letter and Video From Dave Watt, Creator of Mr. Friendly

Dear HIV,

You are one sneaky bastard. Where bridges should be open, you build road blocks. Where music should be inspiring, you bring noise. Where love should be free, you bind us with fear. I am just one of many dedicated to fighting this battle you started. And, after over 30 years, we are still struggling with that stigma. The downward spiral of fear to test, fear to treat, fear to disclose, the fear to even initiate a conversation about you ... it's just devastating. I look forward to the day when the current vaccine trials prove successful. When medications are easily accessible with minimal side effects. When we, as a worldwide community, have wiped you out!

You've won many battles. We are going to win the war. Hopefully before I lose any more of my friends.

Dave Watt, creator of Mr. Friendly