My Letter to HIV: A Letter and Video From Christopher J. Morris

Dear HIV,

I got you as of January 9th, 2007 exactly at 9:03am. I was numb for an entire year. You caught me off guard only because I thought I was doing everything right. I used condoms. I didn't hoe around. I even could still count on one hand how many people I had slept with. Never thought that rap would be why I would soon meet you or be able to say that I'm over you. Our relationship started rough because I dealt with you so harshly. I tried to keep up a good front though no one really seemed to understand.

I would soon get that you don't like stress. It makes you peak your ugly head. Though it has been five years now, I see that you are still here. Though you are undetected you still, at times let me know you are here. Because of you I am a bit afraid of love or even to be loved. Because of you I at times still feel hopeless but my grind requires me to keep going.

Also because of you I found my passion. I searched it out and now have found what it is I enjoy most in life. That besides traveling, I enjoying sewing and have chosen to make a career out of it. Because of you I am now about to graduate with a double major of Fashion Design and Marketing. Because of you I have now gotten the opportunity to change lives and even to travel.

Now I see not everything that came along with you was bad though you were much unexpected. But in you unexpectedly I still chose to hope and dream. I still chose to love as hard as I can though there are days I feel like letting go. Though letting go may seem like an option I chose to hold on that much harder. I hold on to dreams and to hopes and to the great possibility of love.

Christopher J. Morris