"a kiss is NOT just a kiss" when it = HIV! Please answer...I'll be happy to donate $50


Dr Bob,

What is needed to get an answer from you on this forum? You must get bombarded with questions...please - this is 8th time I've asked you to answer my question...I'm sorry it's long but I'm very concerned that I'm walking around with HIV and don't know it...where and how can I donate? I'll be more than happy to donate $50.

Here are my time lines, symptoms, etc...

I'm a 28 yr old heterosexual male w history of HIV symptoms but neg antibody tests...

02/06 - unprotected 1 night stand with girl 2 weeks later - fever, chills, headache, etc for 4 days - discomfort in genital area...neg for stds. 6 months later diagnosed with prostatitis - took 3 months of antibiotics up to december 06

08/06 - 8 neg anti tests - all rapid up to 6 months past exposure

09/06 - 10/06 - one unprotected sex with female friend and protected one time sex with different girl

12/06 - strep like illness - neg rapid strep test - took antibiotics and symptoms gone in a week

01/07 - went to Vegas - made out with stripper in strip club for 2-3 min - her mouth definitely tasted different - maybe blood but not sure

01/07 - Vegas - heavy makeout with girl at bar - protected sex

02/07 - 18 days later - intense illness very high fever, chills, headache, sore muscles/joints, swollen/painful nodes in neck, white creamy stuff on tonsils & back of throat, vomit, diarreah - negative for flu, strep, mono, etc... - doctor in ER asked if I was gay, Injection drug user or recently exposed to HIV...said no to all - not gay or IV drug user and didn't think I was exposed to HIV in Vegas...didn't even think about it...she refused to test me because I was in a "low risk" group...freaked me out!!! I was given levaquin - fever went down in a few hours but came back the next day - all symptoms were gone in 2-3 days - then had post viral burning, tingling, etc in extremeties gone in 2 weeks - neuro says mild form of guillain barre or post viral neuropathy...no diagnosis of illness -

3 months later went to ID doc - pos EBV igg but neg igm Neg antibody tests HIV 1/O/2 - 1 rapid showed past myocplasma infection - doctor said it "might" have been that but i didn't have any cough and it was an intense fever - not mild like mycoplasma is supposed to be

08/07 - similar illness but no ER - symptoms gone 5 days

04/08 - diagnosed with molluscum on my stomach, genital area - treated/gone in about a month or so - doc thinks i got it from gym

01/09 - diagnosed with sleep apnea - i'm a skinny guy - had tonsils, adenoids, uvula, etc out - no sickness since

03/09 - new girlfriend - still together now - no sex in last 5+ months scared to give her HIV

06/10 - tingling, burning, numb, etc in extremeties is back - doc says possibly neuropathy - tested for everything on the planet!!! neg for everything...no diabetes, thyroid ok, b12 ok, etc

08/10 - neg HIV 1/O/2 labcorp, negative rapid test from clinic 09/10 - DNA/PCR test and antibody test through std site/labcorp - both negative

today - all tingling, burning, etc - pretty much gone for the most part - thinking about seeing a chiropractor next

my triglycerides have been through the roof and have gained a lot of weight only in my gut and i have stretch mark/burst vein looking things in my groin area -

still unbelievably tired all the time

My questions...

1 Dont one of my illnesses especially the one after vegas suggest HIV ARS? especially considering i was negative for all the other more common illnesses... 2. Don't molluscum & neuropathy suggest HIV? 3. Could this be a rare strain that the tests aren't picking up? 4. Could this be chronic fatigue syndrome? 5. Think I had thrush with the bad illness - how is this possible if not HIV? 6. Did i get HIV from kissing - blood? Had every ARS symptom in the book/ a little worse then my unprotected sex in 06 7. Do you think I have HIV? Can I resume unprotected sex with my girlfriend? it's been well over 2 years since my last possible exposure with a different girl and 5+ months since the last time I had sex 8. My triglycerides have been through the roof and I've gained quite a bit of weight in my belly and have what looks like fat spots above my shoulder blades...I'm not a big guy - only 5'9" 175 lbs...is this HIV lipodastrophy or whatever it's called/buffalo hump, weight gain, etc? 9. Was NEVER sick growing up - sick bad 4 times in 2 years - how is this NOT hiv? Do I have AIDS already? 10. When I got sick after the vegas trip - I had low lymphocytes and high monocytes and neutrophils...would that suggest anything with regards to acute HIV? another illness? 11. A lot of sites say that it is certain that new HIV strains will be discovered...If what I have is a new strain do you think the antibody tests would pick it up?

Dr please help...how is this NOT hiv??? I just want to move on knowing I'm NOT hiv positive...

thanks for everything you do and taking the time to read this long description of my miserable journey...!



  1. The important concept here is that symptoms are notoriously unreliable in predicting who is and is not HIV infected. A negative HIV-antibody test outside the window period trumps "symptoms" each and every time.

  2. No. The vast majority of cases of molluscum and neuropathy have absolutely nothing to do with HIV/AIDS.

  3. Nope.

  4. I can't diagnose CFS over the Internet, as I don't have access to a complete medical history, all laboratory studies and a physical examination.

  5. The vast majority of cases of thrush have nothing to do with HIV/AIDS. Also "thinking" you have thrush and actually having it are two very different things.

  6. Nope! Not a chance!

  7. Absolutely not. HIV is not your problem. No way. No how. No additional HIV testing is warranted. As for unprotected sex with your girlfriend, I don't recommend unprotected sex for anyone, except absolutely monogamous couples.

  8. No, it's not HIV-related lipodystrophy, because you don't have HIV!

  9. Exactly what part of HIV negative are you having difficulty understanding?

  10. Nope!

  11. You do not have a new strain. You have irrational fear of being HIV infected. I suggest you seek counseling (psychotherapy) to help you confront your totally irrational and completely unwarranted fears of HIV/ADIS. You may also need help with anxiety and depression.

Donation information for The Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation can be found on the foundation's Web site at www.concertedeffort.org.

Be well. Stop worrying about a disease you could not possibly have!

Dr. Bob