"A Kiss Is Just A Kiss ... "


Dear Dr. Bob: "A Kiss Is Just A Kiss" ... but alas, now that I'm worried, "A Sigh Is Just A Sigh". Can you help me with this question? I cannot find it in the archives; so it may be one for the books. I was having a mutual JO session with another married guy and he asked me if I'd kiss his butt? I thought about it in the heat of the moment said, sure! So, just to be on the safe side, so I thought, I got some patroleum jelly based antibiotic gel out of my first aid kit and applied it to my lips; puckered up and gave one kiss (just a peck; no tongue) on each butt cheek. Now that I look back, what in the hell was I thinking? At any rate, I'm not too worried about HIV, because I know that Mutual Masturbation is safe; however, I'm worried,that by kissing his butt cheeks, have I put myself at risk for other things like herpes, hepititis; other STD's? I wouldn't consider this rimming, because I didn't lick anything; no tongue was involved; it stayed in my mouth. Can I move on or should I be tested? Your wonderful advise would be appreciated. Maybe this will help others? Eventhough, I doubt if anyone else has ever planted kisses on others butt cheeks. Your donation is in the mail as soon as I leave the computer keys. Thanks a million, Dr. Bob! Sure do love you and all the great work that you do.

Mr. Lips


Hello Mr. Lips,

". . . in the heat of the moment" . . . you rummaged through your first-aid kit, found some petroleum jelly-based antibiotic gel, smeared it on your lips, puckered up and gave one kiss (just a peck; no tongue) on each butt cheek??????? All that in the heat of the moment? One would have thought the moment would be ice cold by then. You married guys are such a trip. You "doubt if anyone else has ever planted kisses on others' butt cheeks"???? Dude, are you kidding? Ass kissing is practically a national pastime in this country.

Your STD (including HIV) risk from this activity is nonexistent. A kiss is indeed just a kiss, even on the butt, which, by the way, may indeed produce that "sigh."

Thanks for your tax-deductible contribution to the Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation.

Stay safe. Be well.

Dr. Bob