A Day With HIV: Photographic Tapestry of Life With HIV

Positively Aware, a magazine for HIV treatment and wellness, will hold its fourth annual "A Day with HIV" photo essay campaign on Saturday, September 21. The magazine created the event to fight the stigma of being HIV-positive and being tested for HIV. The campaign encourages people everywhere to take photos on that day to emphasize HIV-positive people and those who care for them in their day-to-day lives.

The campaign hopes that by confronting stigma, fewer people will be discouraged from getting tested, starting treatment, and disclosing their status to loved ones. Many who test positive feel isolated and alone. This year, Mondo Guerra, a fashion designer and HIV advocate, will join a panel of three to judge the photos. "I know from personal experience how powerful and life-changing it can be to make a public statement about HIV, and also how scary it is for some," said Guerra, of "Project Runway" fame. "I'm thrilled to be able to lend my support to 'A Day with HIV' this year."

Positively Aware will announce this year's judge-selected images in October and publish them in its November/December issue. The magazine also will choose four covers for this special issue. The other two judges will be celebrity photographer Duane Cramer and David France, the Oscar-nominated producer and director of the AIDS documentary "How to Survive a Plague."

Participants must submit photos by Wednesday, September 25. They can post images on the Web site, www.adaywithhiv.com, or submit them by e-mail to photo@adaywithhiv.com. The Web site contains last year's pictures and advice on how to take great photographs. Follow "A Day with HIV" on its Facebook page, on Twitter @A_Day_With_HIV, or on Instagram to receive updates and view selected photographs from last year as well as to share the campaign with friends and family.