A Day in the Life Video Series: Fortunata Kasege on Taking Meds Through All Life's Challenges

Keeping up with HIV meds often means having to weave daily doses into a busy life. How do other HIVers do it? In each episode of this video series, we'll take a peek into the day-to-day routine of a person who's living with HIV, taking HIV meds, and dealing with situations that get in the way of adherence. Watch other videos in the series.

Episode 8: Fortunata Kasege

Age: 38

Home: Houston, Texas / New York City

Diagnosed: 1997

Summary: "The car didn't kill me, and I'm not going to let HIV kill me either!" Advocate, single mom and Tanzanian émigré Fortunata Kasege talks about keeping up with her twice-a-day med regimen -- even following the car accident that left her temporarily in a wheelchair.

Filmed by Olivia Ford and produced by Mark S. King.

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