A Bisexual, HIV-Positive, Single Father of Five

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My name is Jermaine Wright and I am a bisexual, HIV-positive, single father of five. If that's not a jaw dropper for ya, I had one of my children while being HIV positive. Here is how it started ...

I moved away from my grandparents' home in South Carolina in 2003 at the age of 16 to live with my mother in Michigan. There I met a 14-year-old girl that caught my eye. I tried for months to get her to be my girlfriend and within that time I learned that she was pregnant with someone else's baby. She considered abortion but I promised her that if she kept the baby then I would help her and be there for her as the father of the son she was carrying. This was a huge promise for a 16-year-old, which I have still upheld to this day.

She took me up on not only my offer to be there for her as the father of her child, but also as her boyfriend. September of 2005 at the age of 17 I had my first child, a little girl whom I named after my deceased sister. I was so happy to have a child of my own. It was expected anyway, every first born in my family had a reputation of having a child at an early age. So I worked my job at the factory and still managed to go to school. In the winter I would shovel snow as an extra side job in order to take care of my girlfriend and our two children.

Finally it was time for me to graduate in 2006. I was 18 and ready to move out of my mother's house and be a family man and be fully independent. What better way to do that than to join the Army! So that's exactly what I did. I completed Basic Training in South Carolina and went on to AIT in Pensacola, FL where I met some of the best looking Air Force women I had ever seen. One night during my normal over-the-phone pillow talk with my girlfriend I picked a fight with her so we could break up which allowed me to become available for one of these Air Force women. I wasted no time in doing so; within two months I had not only snagged a girlfriend but I had a fiancé. March 18, 2007 we married and 3 weeks later we learned that she was carrying a baby. December 13, 2007, my daughter made her appearance into the world.

Sadly, by April of 2008 my wife and I separated. I was struggling too much with wanting to have sex with a man. As soon as we separated I went crazy! I was in bed with every attractive guy Baltimore had to offer. I no longer had to face getting caught by my mom or grandparents, I didn't have a church telling me I was going to hell for it either. It was just me, a bottle of lube, and occasionally a condom and whatever horny guy was available. Even in all my fun of sleeping with men I still struggled with wanting a family and being with a woman, but not just any woman. I went back to the mother of my first two children!

February 21, 2009 I had ANOTHER baby girl! Was I ready to settle down and be a family man this time? NO! After a brief deployment to Afghanistan I went right back to the streets of Baltimore to get more notches on my bedpost. I got into a relationship with one particular guy which caused the relationship between the mother of my children and I to end; and November of that same year I was given an HIV-positive diagnosis.

At this point in the story I was an HIV-positive bisexual father of four. But, wait! Here in 2011 I am now an HIV-positive father of 5 children. So that means ... you have to read my next blog to find out how this happened and what the status of the new mother and baby are.

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