Dear Dr. Bob,

I'm a 31 year old mexiCAN -not mexican't- that in January had an extramarital encounter with a masseuse. My activities were limited to mutual masturbation -the masseuse was really wet-, fingering, a footjob, protected oral sex and brief unprotected -like 30 seconds- tongue stimulation to my penis head. After that I started worrying like hell, came clean to my wife, got a test at the three week mark to rule out prior infection -i always played safe, except for some episodes of unprotected fellatio-. The test result was non reactive for HIV I and II.

I visited several doctors, an urologist and dermatologist told me that I didn't have a risk -testing not warranted- and a general physician told me I was a sinner and infected for sure and that saliva alone can transmit HIV -I think he was full of it, but oh well-.

I don't know what is wrong with my country but they don't seem to agree with the window period. Two doctors told me 6 months, one 3 months, a nurse two years and finally the official government authorities told me 3 months.

Finally I tested at the 92 day mark and the result was again non reactive to HIV I and II. I think the test I took is a third generation Elisa because they drew blood and had the results ready in about four hours.

It's important to state that I suffer from hypothiroidism and chronic dyshidrotic eczema.

My questions are:

  1. Do you think my 92 day test is conclusive? Would dyshidrotic eczema or hypothiroidism alter my test results? Should I test again?

  2. What do you think about the confusion regarding the window period in my country?

  3. If one is previously infected and then reinfected, would the test results come up as non reactive? Did my three week test rule out previous infection?

Finally I run a small business and I am planning to donate a percentage of the profits come December to a serious HIV/AIDS foundation here in Mexico. Do you know any?

Best regards from Mexico,



Hello, Mario.

A general physician told you that you were a sinner and HIV infected for sure and that saliva alone can transmit HIV. YIKES! That judgmental incompetent nincompoop shouldn't be practicing medicine, because he's obviously suffering from a severe case of "crainiorectal inversion" (that means he has his head up his butt). You should fire him immediately.

Responding to your questions:

  1. Yes. I would agree with what the "official government authorities" told you.

  2. Confusion regarding the window period is not limited to Mexico. It's essentially a worldwide phenomena. There are a number of reasons for this confusion. I'll try to address this topic in an upcoming blog.

3 This question doesn't make much sense. If you were previously infected and then reinfected why would you think the test result might come up non-reactive?? Once infected you'll test HIV positive, even if reinfected with another strain of the virus. Your negative test at three weeks ruled out infection from encounters that occurred three months or longer before the date of the test.

Regarding AIDS service organizations in Mexico, you could consider one of the following:

Amigos Contra El Sida
Sitio que brinda una sección de preguntas más frecuentes, directorios de organizaciones, estadísticas, calendario de eventos mundiales, colleción de documentos, diccionarios y filmoteca en Coyoacán.
Offers an FAQ section, directories of organizations, statistics, a world events listing, a collection of articles, dictionaries of AIDS terminology and a listing of AIDS-related films in Coyoacán.

El Centro de Atención Profesional a Personas con SIDA
Brinda atención médico y dental, aplicación de medicamentos especializados, terapias alternativas, educación y prevención, asistencia psicológica, examenes de detección del vih, banco de medicamentos y trabajo social en Delegación Cuauhtémoc, México.
Offers medical and dental care, alternative therapies, treatment advising, education and prevention, psychological assistance, HIV testing, a medicine bank and social work in Delegación Cuauhtémoc, México.

Centro Nacional Para la Prevención y Control del VIH/SIDA
Colleción de información y documentos sobre la seuxalidad, campañas contra la homofobia, práticas de prevención del VIH, las poblaciones vulnerables, las normas oficiales mexicanas y la migración.
Online collection of information and articles about sexuality, campaigns against homophobia, HIV prevention, vulnerable populations, official Mexican rules and regulations and HIV and migration. Some information in English.

Un listado de documentos sobre el VIH/AIDS, especialmente en relación a las mujeres.
A listing of articles about HIV/AIDS, particularly information that relates to women.

Letra S
Organización que publica la publicación mensual deLetra S: salud, sexualidad y siday cree un espaco para los jóvenes gays y lesbianas en el Distrito Federal.
PublishesLetra S: salud, sexualidad y sida(health, sexuality and AIDS) and runs a program for gay and lesbian youth in the Federal District of Mexico.

Asociaciones en el Estado de Yucatán
Un listado de asociaciones para las personas afectadas por el VIH/SIDA en el estado de Yucatán.
A list of AIDS organizations in Yucatán state.

Red Mexicana de Personas que Viven con VIH/SIDA, A.C.
Brinda un banco de medicamentos, difusión de periódicos, programas de nutrición, educación y prevención, programas de sexualidad para personas con VIH/SIDA y cuidados en casa en el Distrito Fedral de México.
AIDS organization offers a medicine bank, distribution of print information, nutrition programs, education and prevention, programs on sexuality for HIV-positive people and home care in the Federal District of Mexico. Website available in English.

Good luck. Be well.

Dr. Bob