90 days on Atripla--CD4 count drops 150


Just got my first complete labs after 90 days on meds. Before starting my numbers were CD4 650, VL 4000 and 16% CD4.

After 90 days on Atripla (with no side effects at ALL other than about 2 weeks of intense dreams at the start) my new lab results are VL undetecable, CD4 502 and 19% CD4.

I sort of freaked out at the 150 drop in the CD4 number, but my doc says that this isn't really as important as the fact that the VL is now undetectible and the % has risen from 16 to 19. He said that I am doing "great" and expects the % number to continue to rise.

Another change in the lab results were my cholesterol and trig numbers which have risen about 20% but are still "normal." Doc says we'll keep an eye on this and want to run another set of labs in 90 days.

Should I worry about the drop in the overall CD4 number?


I completely agree with all your doctor has said. No worries.