9 times question (sleepless nigth, palpitation of the hearth) please Dr I need Your Help


Hello Dr Barbara

Hopefully you help me with my problem. I already sent my letter to you yesterday and Im praying that you answer my question today.. Please Help me with my anxieties. Heres the story Last two days ago theres a fight in my office.. Syrian and Filipino were fought in my office. One Syrian hit the Filipino with the wood stick and the other Syrian hold the stapler but not used to hit to anyone. After 16 hours I used the same stapler and accidentally prick by the staple wire. I tried to open the staple wire thats why I prick by staple wire.


  1. If the Syrian is hepatitis c positive and prick by the staple wire and I prick my self with the same staple wire..im risk for hepatitis c virus or hiv?
  2. I need a hcv test?


I do not consider you at risk for HCV