7 months past still negative


I m male 28 years old from greece. I and my girl friend made oral sex 7 months ago. My girl friend committed suicide. I learnt why she was suicide from her family . when she learnt , she was HIV(+), she committed suicide. After I learnt , I was dierrha about one mount. I tested anti hiv , i was (-) 2 months past. All of my body was itchy about 1 month. I went to doctor and tell my status. Doctor said to me acute hiv infection possibility. . I tested anti hiv again 3 months past, i m HIV (-). At the same time, i was very stressful. And i had night sweat, it s about 2 weeks and night sweat finished. I again went to doctor and told my status. I tested again and HIV(-) 4 months past., My groin area lymph node were swollen 2 months ago. I tested again and i m still negatif. At the same time 5 months past. I went to hospital tested again and i m still negatif(-) 7 months past. But only My groin area lymph node were swollen and little pain. My doctor didn't say anyting. Please help me. 1- what can i do? 2- How many possibility of hiv after 7 months but some symtoms. 3- I wonder why the night sweat occurred 3 months ago???? 4- I tested HIV 2,3,4,5,7 months but I m still (-). Is it advantage or disadvantage? Thank u.


Very unlikely that you are HIV infected with that exposure and testing history. The symptoms don't sound like HIV either. Consider other diagnoses. KH