7 months negative but symtomps


hi doctor i have done an unprotected vaginal and oral sex in bangkok on 21 july 2010. from then i am in a great anxiety. at 4 months after exposure did first hiv 1&2 ag/ab test on bamrungrad hospital, bankok. Result was negative. after 5 months again did hiv ag/ab in bangladesh. Result negative. at 6 months did 3 more hiv test (with a confirmatory test). all come back negative. but at 6 months my wife's(she has no exposure without me) hiv ag/ab result come positive(2.76). but with same blood we go another hiv testing lab. There result come back negative. they tested my wifes hiv 3 times. all come back negative. then i did my hiv antibody test at 7 months. result come back negative. and my counsellor tell me that you are free from hiv. but i have some problem. i feel pain in my leg musles, knee joint, shoulder joint. and i feel enormous tieredness. and also in a bad flu for one months. some white sore in my tounge. same problem with my wife. I am really worried. i want to know your opinion. am i really hiv free? are all of my recent symtomps for hiv? both of our hsv 1&2 igg and cytomegalo virus positive. please give me some answer. Thank you.



So you've been "in a great anxiety" since banging cock without protection in Bangkok. No doubt, unprotected sex is indeed risky business. Your symptoms, however, are not worrisome for HIV disease. Rather, they are more consistent with anxiety and/or depression. Your repeatedly negative HIV-antibody tests out to seven months are definitive and conclusive. HIV is not your problem!

Your wife's HIV tests are also conclusively negative. (She had a false-positive test at the six-month mark.)

Both you and your wife are HIV free. Your IgG to HSV and CMV indicate past infection and are not at all worrisome (or related to HIV).

Dr. Bob