Hi Doctor,

I have taken unprotected oral 3 times almost 4 months back.On 3rd october and 15th October it was again protected sex and unprotected oral with the sex workers.I did the fingering as well.Well i dont know i had cut at that times.In one case probably on 15th October's exposure,after having sex with the SW for 5 minutes almost she took the condom off gave me oral once again and then again put the same condom on.Did that thing put me into some kind of risk??I remember correctly that on both last two occasions when vaginal sex was involved,the condom didnt broke since on both occasions after having sex i took the condom off and then ejaculated outside.Kissing was also involved on both occasions.

Doctor since october i took 4 tests at 3rd week (ESLIA test),5th week(ECLIA p24+Antibody test),8th week(ECLIA test), and lastly at 10 weeks 2 days(72 days) again ECLIA p24+Antibody test) therefore i took 3 ECLIA test and one ESLIA test(ANtibody test) all came NON REACTIVE.

Now the symptoms: rashes on face on 25 October which were gone in 4 days time after taking medicines after consulting skin specialist though spots are still there.Severe neck pain which is still there mostly on left side,and on and off muscles aches.Some times i also tingling in feets and also some dizziness.No swollen lymph nodes though.I feel some swelling in left side under my jaw but still i dont think its swollen lymph node.Loose motions are also there since almost 2 weeks. My question is:

1.Are my tests reliable? 2.Do i need test again and if yes then when 3.Do testing still is required now a days at 6 months time with so much advancement now a days?If yes then what is the scenario when 6 months testing is required? 4. Do you put my exposures in to high risk or low risk? 5. Are these ARS symptoms?

Please Doctor please help me, i have read so much about you, please help me and give your inputs.I'll surely donate towards this great cause.

Regards, Rajesh


Hello Rajesh,

  1. Your negative HIV tests out to 10 weeks are very encouraging, but not yet considered conclusive. For a definitive HIV-antibody test, you'll have to wait until the three-month mark.

  2. See #1 above.

  3. Only in certain situations, such as occupational exposures or significant exposures to a partner confirmed to be HIV infected. (An example of a significant exposure would be unprotected receptive anal sex.)

  1. Low risk, assuming the latex condoms were used properly and didn't break

  2. No

Thanks for your support of The Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation ( It's warmly appreciated. In return I'm sending you my good-luck karma that your definitive three-month HIV-antibody test remains negative. I'm quite confident it will.

Good luck. Happy New Year.

Dr. Bob