6 months pregnant and Elisa HIV 1 Came back Repeatedly Reactive


I was recently test for HIV 1 and I'm 6 months pregnant and my test came back repeatedly reactive is there still hope I'm negative.



Unfortunately, there is still that possibility. Pregnancy can actually induce cross-reacting nonspecific antibodies that can lead to indeterminate or false-positive HIV-antibody test results.

You need to go for more extensive lab work. A Western Blot test (vs the Elisa) will be able to determine your true HIV status. Your doctor can perform this test for you. If you don't have a doctor and need a place to get tested, visit www.hivtest.org to find a site near you. Should the test come back reactive, you should make an appointment with your local AIDS Service Organization. They can help get you into care and on the medications that you need to keep yourself and the baby healthy. For more information on finding a local organization, should the need arise, visit http://hab.hrsa.gov/gethelp/index.html for

I would encourage you to get the Western Blot performed as soon as possible. If the Western Blot comes back positive or reactive, it will be important for you to start treatment immediately to reduce the chance of transmitting the virus to the baby.

Good luck.

In health, Richard