6 months after exposure and PEP Treatment


Hello Dr Bob, I am from South Africa and I was exposed to a woman who i asked to do a test a day after we engaged on protected sex and I performed oral sex on her(i had bleeding gums but not on the incident). She came back with really sad results, SHE WAS POSITIVE. I did this because I had saw strange ulcer on her lip.

Immediately after work I went to the hospital and explained my situation and they gave me PEP treatment. Three months later I was still negative. But id develop strange symptoms which freaked me out. Six months later I went for another test and came back negative. However I have an aphthous ulcer ans am developing a cold sore. Is this seroconversion

All this things happened mostly when i go online and surfed. Its bad I know but eish, Ive also learnt about psychosomatic diseases and I think that's what going on with me. I'm going crazy



"All the things happened mostly when I go online and surfed. It's bad I know but eish, I've learned about psychosomatic diseases and I think that is what's going on with me." I agree!

Your three- and six-month post-PEP negative HIV-antibody tests are definitive, conclusive and WOO-HOO-able. HIV is not your problem. No way. No how. No additional HIV tests are warranted. If my reassurance is not sufficient for you to shake your unwarranted worries, consider getting counseling (psychotherapy) to help you confront your irrational fears and accept the overwhelming, irrefutable and quite wonderful news that you are HIV negative!

Dr. Bob