6 month hiv test negative, still paranoid i have it


I have had a negative hiv test result at 6 months, however I am still paranoid about having hiv, I burnt my tongue on some very hot and spicy chicken about two months ago, after the negative result, and the surface of my tongue turned whitish, grayish for 2-3 days, it didn't brush off and went away on its own, people who saw it say it was due to the very hot and spicey chicken which did burn soo bad as I ate it but kept on eating it, but immediately I thought could this be thrush and I have AIDS, even though my result at 6 mos was neg. I now also keep thinking that I can get hiv from public bathrooms, so everytime I go in there and touch the toilet seat or have a hangnail I go crazy with worry, I am seeing a therapist about this but so far it is not helping. My whitish tongue does not seem to have thrush according to the pictures I have seen on the internet, but I have to be sure. Its driving me crazy. Will this fear ever go away? Now I want to have a one year hiv test and possibly get tested for some other incidents which occurred in the public bathrooms, like touching the seats with hangnails etc please help--sally sj


You should believe the HIV test. After 6 months, HIV infection uniformly causes a positive serology. If the test comes back negative 6 months after an exposure, you have good reason to be confident in its accuracy.

You can become HIV infected by having unprotected sex or by injecting drugs with an infected needle. You cannot contract HIV infection from a toilet seat.

The anxiety you are experiencing is out of proportion to the risks you described. You should get some treatment from a qualified mental health professional for your anxiety.