4th Try For Fluids and Cut Question


Dr Bob

I have asked you this question four times now, and I am pleading for your wisdom. Name your price if you answer this. Your the only doctor I am not embarrassed to ask.

About three weeks ago, I cut my hand between my index finger and thumb rather deeply (about an inch long, 1/2 inch deep and 1/2 inch wide)on some glass about 20 minutes before an encounter with a sex worker. While we were having protected sex, we decided to change positions. I held my penis to reinsert it, and no doubt touched the cut to the condom (covered in her vaginal fluids). I also was rubbing her vagina, which may have had more fluids on the cut and maybe both encounters led to fluids getting inside the cut. (It was pretty wide open). I need your assessment of risk because I am going insane waiting the three months for my test. I have had some symptoms such as a dry cough, fatigue, and diarrhea about a week or so after the incident. Recently, I have lost my appetite and cant sleep (which Im sure is stress related). Please, please, please answer.

I will pee on a picture of Dubya if you answer this and mail it to you along with my donation.

Thank you in advance!



First off, I don't have a price. My advice is free and available to all. The only problem is that there is only one of me and gazillions of "yous." Thousands of questions flood my inbox from throughout the cyber-universe on a continuous basis. I can realistically only respond to a small percentage. (Well, at least until we perfect cloning!) That's why I encourage folks to use the archives! Had you searched carefully, you too would have found questions very similar to yours!

Your HIV risk is potentially getting HIV-infected fluids into an open wound. This does indeed pose at least a theoretical risk for HIV transmission. How much of a risk depends on many factors, including such variables as viral load and how open your wound may have been. I have no way of being able to determine these and other variables over the Internet. Hence, the best I can do is suggest that if you are worried, and clearly you are, you should get a rapid HIV test at the three-month mark.

I would not be concerned about your "symptoms," as symptoms are notoriously unreliable in predicting who is and is not HIV infected. Overall, considering you do not even know if your partner was HIV infected, I would advise your estimated statistical risk for acquiring HIV would be very low.

I'd suggest you take a read through the archives of this forum while waiting for your three-month window period to pass. You should find the testimonials there encouraging. Also, a good way to keep your personal problems in perspective is to help others who are in need. Why not volunteer some of your time at an AIDS hospice or cancer center?

Finally, regarding donations to The Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation, they should be given only in the spirit of compassion and generosity, not as an inducement to get me to post a question. You now have your answer and there are no strings attached, OK?

Dr. Bob