4weeks - pcr at 899 copies contd . 84 days later , Antibody negative


Hello Doc Thanks for being there virtually, you have helped me stay stable all this time. ] Another donation on the way ..

Remember my previous posting after brief unprotected oral only

At 4 weeks I had a DNA pcr done which came out as 899 copies. You told me that this WILL be a false positive and which was restated to me by my HIV specialist Doc.

At 8 weeks Antibody test negative uni-gold test was used a 3rd generation test at one of dept of health site.

Today 84th day after the incident had a test with oraquick at the CDC health dept NEGATIVE!@!!!:0)

Can I whoooooowhoooooo all the way now?

I got this test today as I have to leave out of town for 2 weeks on work and wanted to take this HIV out of mind and concentrate on my work. I would visit my to my doc when I return and update him of this test.

These 84 days have been like hell to me affecting my work and some personal relations.

I remember crying and thinking all sorts of things when I saw the report of 899 copies with pcr test.

I have leveled with my wife. As expected there were some initial reaction for week from my wife but she has been another force behind me keep myself sane.. I owe a lot to her!!

This was the only incident ever in our 8 years marriage.

I have promised myself that I would volunteer with some charity organizations and help educate people and kids regarding HIV In these 84 days I have learnt a ton about HIV and other STDs, which I want others to know. After this I realize I do not see any educative programs nor any public serving advertisements on TV, prime time nor any time for HIV educative ads. One has to go looking for more info regarding HIV . I feel this information has to be often projected upon the public in some prime time channel as educative ads and informative campaign literature should be sent to every postal customer as they send all other unwanted junk to buy penis enlargement pills great errection pills etc . Thank you once again ..

Sorry for annother qustion , as I forgot to ask about this in the previous post , after this 84 day antibody test which is negative , can I restart to donate my blood . I have been avoiding all these days from my collegues who we all donate blood approximately 2 months at our office. Can I restart to donate or stil lhave to wait ?..



I combined your two questions.

Can you WOO-HOO all the way now? Absofrickinlutely! Just as I predicted, your 899 copies was indeed a false positive. I'll resist saying "see, I told you so!"

Yes, you can donate blood. You are and have always been HIV negative.

I agree HIV-awareness-and-education programs are shamefully lacking in this country. That's one reason why the rate of new HIV infections in the U.S., all of which are very preventable, have remained constant at 40,000 per year instead of decreasing as one would expect (and hope).

Thank you for your donation (www.concertedeffort.org). We'll use it in our AIDS-awareness-and-education programs in an attempt to address some of the concerns you raise in your post.

Stay well! Congratulations!

Dr. Bob