37 Weeks: Baby Coming in 4 Days!

Teniecka Drake
Teniecka Drake

Hello! I am very sorry that I have not written as frequently as I wanted to. I am 37 weeks into my pregnancy, as the title says, and the baby will be here on January 29. That is exactly four days away for me.

I am excited, nervous and anxious -- a little bit of everything. When she arrives all of those feelings will go away. I still have some vomiting spells occasionally, and not due to my medication. My baby sometimes likes to be quite picky with my food selections.

I did have my doctor's appointment today and got all my instructions. I am a little sad: I have chosen that this will be my very last child. I've opted to have a tubal ligation procedure done at the time of my C-section. For me it is a bittersweet moment. I wish I could have five children like I wanted so many years ago. I will be happy with my four though, so that is still wonderful for me.

No more stress tests, which I have been doing twice a week to monitor the baby. I will try to write more after the baby is born. It is still hard, since I am still going to school online; I only have three weeks left and I am done. I have been plugging away trying to get my work done in advance, plus my current assignments. Finding time is not always easy, plus taking care of my other little ones and my husband. I really just wanted to make sure I at least got this blog out before having the baby.

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