31 Weeks Pregnant and Climbing

Teniecka Drake
Teniecka Drake

This has been quite a journey again with my fourth child. Only reason I say that is there has been so much going on with me and my family. I am finally moved and settled into our new home. I am still going to school, but this is my very last course and I will be done!!! I am very excited; this degree has been a long time coming, and I was not going to stop until I finished. My other three children are doing great and growing big, and my husband remains supportive and strong for me.

I do have an update with my new little addition. I did have an ultrasound in the very beginning of December. I finally know what I am having now. We are going to have another little girl!!! I am thrilled and just happy I know now instead of wondering what the gender is going to be. When they did the ultrasound and put the gel on my stomach it was quite a mess. The baby would not really cooperate again so they had me lay on my left side and then the right. They needed to measure her head and they could not get a real accurate measurement. After the switching sides I got to meet the nurse. The nurse went over the procedures at this hospital since I am new to the area and I have never been here. Finally the time came to meet the doctor and he just explained what to expect. After that brief conversation I was done for the week with them. I did have to do my one-hour glucola drink -- that test to see if I have developed gestational diabetes.

Everything is going well so far; there have been some pains here and there. Nothing else major with the baby. I am getting really excited as the time draws closer to the baby's arrival.

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